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We provide at no charge competitive bid proposals that include job site evaluations, written specifications, material recommendations, and budget estimates.


To assure quality, economy, and customer satisfaction our Bid Proposals contain the following information to assist customers in making informed decisions and to ensure warranty availability when applicable:

We provide proposals for services including the following systems and more:

Field Personnel

We employ a union trained and certified staff of painting and waterproofing mechanics and technicians.

As a minimum each employee has received at least four years classroom and on the job training. Others have up to 25 years experience in their fields.

Our employees have a broad range of expertise and experience with a multitude of structure types, equipment systems and material formulations.

Innovative Painting and Waterproofing Inc., employees wear white uniforms with company identification. We assign a full time supervisor to each project with frequent visits by a field superintendent and other management personnel. Direction and control of employees is exercised through a mobile telephone network and an on site radio communication system.

Government Regulations

We comply with all appicable government regulations:

We provide required MSDS Sheets, warning and notification signage.

We are recognized experts in and trained/certified applicators of plural-component Polyurea Coatings Systems that reduce down-time, lower maintenance costs and simplify maintenance procedures.

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