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Job description

Cooling Towers

Project description

In 2010 corporate point wanted to recoat the two main cooling tower basins that service the 10 building campus that is on 80 acres. Since the product was being done during the summer months the temperatures were reaching the 90’s and they could not have much down time with any one unit. As a result they needed a coating solution that would not require extended down time and one they could stage the down time of the two units without putting too much load on one unit while the other was down. As a result of the requirements they chose the the freedomtuff polyureas for their durability and fast return to service application.

Products used

  • Freedomtuff 2202 polyurea
  • Freedomtuff 6160 epoxy primer


The area was cleaned with high pressure (5000 psi) water wash which partially removed the existing epoxy coating. The remaining epoxy coating was removed with power tools and the concrete was abraded to achieve sufficient profile. Freedomtuff 6160 epoxy primer was applied at 5 mils. A 20 grit aggregate was lightly thrown onto the wet primed walls to allow for maximum mechanical adhesion. Freedomtuff 2202 was applied at 100 mils.


The client was able to shut down one unit at a time for only 3 days while the towers were prepped, primed and sprayed with polyurea. This allowed for sufficient cooling of the 10 building campus during the work. When it was done the client commented how easy the freedomtuff 2202 was to clean and that their maintenance scheduled cleanings where a “piece of cake”!

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