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Project Description

In summer of 2011 university of arizona approached freedom chemical corporation concerning the elevated space that was above their basketball arena mckale center. This area has an extensive amount of foot traffic every year during the basketball season. As a result the current topcoat was showing serious signs of discoloration and loss of non-skid properties. U of a wanted to coat over the existing polyurea waterproofing membrane with a high abrasion resistant coating with great uv stability that could stand up to the high traffic and intense arizona sun light.

Products used

  • Freedomtuff 6160 epoxy primer
  • Freedomtuff grip seal grey


The area was cleaned with high pressure (3000 psi) water wash and degreaser. The ft 6160 primer was used at a rate of 300 sq.ft. / gallon and diluted with 20% acetone to insure optimum adhesion to the substrate in the evenings. A 30 mesh washed rounded aggregate was broadcast in the ft 6160 epoxy primer before cure at a rate of 0.25 lbs per sq.ft. In the early morning to avoid the direct july sunlight and heat the gripseal (grey) was applied at a rate of 250 sq.ft. Per gallon.


After 2 full summers in the arizona sun the gripseal grey coatings is show no signs of discoloration or premature wear. Having going through 2 basketball seasons with the foot traffic and small vehicular traffic the non-skid properties remain the same as day one proving out the durability of the

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