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Innovative offers a full range of systems that protect against water intrusion - application of exterior elastomeric wall coatings, below-grade membrane coatings and related protective materials, urethane foam and gel grout injection, and concrete-penetrating, negative side water barrier coatings.

Often these systems will be combined with polyurea, other deck or floor coatings and caulking/sealant work to provide a complete protection package, creating a full barrier against water infiltration into occupied spaces and mechanical rooms.

Innovative will thoroughly survey your facility to determine the most cost-effective and positive method or combination of systems that will provide protection to fit your budget and technical requirements.

We specialize in the following services for our Commercial and Industrial Customers:

  • Window, Crack & Joint Caulking
  • Epoxy, Foam & Bentonite Injection
  • Polyurea Spray Coating
  • Water Industry Services:
    • Boilers / Boiler Rooms
    • Air Conditioning Units
    • Supply Piping & Ducts
    • Decks & Flooring
    • Structural Steel
    • Cold Storage Rooms
    • Production Machinery
    • Tanks / Towers
    • Reservoirs

High-pressure urethane grout injection is one of our most successful methods for water intrusion problems in below-grade parking structures, vaults, mechanical rooms and basements. This procedure is done from the "negative side", eliminating the need for exterior excavation. The short animated clip below demonstrates the grout injection process. Presented courtesy of Avanti.

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