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The failed sealant in crack chasing and in horizontal joints in this picture is commonplace in parking deck structures throughout the world. It is widely recognized that when it comes to leaks, it is the cracks and joints that are the main culprit. This parking deck had an existing deck coating on it but all the crack chasing and horizontal sealant failed in a matter of months. The question becomes how to repair the deck so that no cracking would come through the deck again.


Crack chasing telegraphs through repair. The sealant fails under the coating & leaks. In the pictures above we see where a standard urethane deck coating system was used to waterproof a deck. The urethane deck coating system and crack chasing alone totally failed to waterproof the deck. Within 3 years all the “crack chasing” and control joint sealant failed and not only allowed the deck coating to leak, it became aesthetically unsightly.


The solution was for the exceptional quality contractor, Don Dancey of Innovative Waterproofing to apply the Poly-Tuff Flexideck100R (fully reinforced) deck coating system.

The PSI Flexideck100R System is the only vehicular traffic grade system in the industry. That actually addresses the real source of leaks and continuing cracking in parking decks. The Flexideck100R System, completely hides and conceals joints and cracks so they are. Never exposed to direct water again by sandwich between high strength flexible polyester fabric between the base coat and intermediate coat.


  • Slopes concrete and plywood decks to drain
  • Low to NO odor
  • Applied over existing urethane coatings
  • Applied at any required thickness – Fills potholes
  • Highly Flexible over extreme temperatures
  • Decorative Finishes
  • Corrects Trip Hazards
  • No Cracks & No Joints 
  • Completed in one day
  • Very Tough and Durable
  • Waterproof

Typical Uses:

  • High Rise and Low Rise Balconies
  • Parking Deck Structures
  • Single and Multi-Family Balcony and Breezeway Waterproofing
  • Repair uneven surfaces in sidewalks or Trip Hazards
  • Interior Mechanical Rooms
  • Under Tile Waterproofing 

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