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Job Description

Green roof – 5000 sq.ft. – 10$ mm malibu home

Project description

In May of 2009, winters – schram architectural and building firm out of Los Angeles, CA approached freedom chemical corp. The firm needed to provide a waterproofing system (green roof) for a multimillion dollar home in Malibu, ca. Upon completion of the proofing membrane, they would be adding a green roof system. The system would include soil and vegetation so the waterproofing membrane had to provide a root barrier.


  • Freedomtuff 6160 epoxy primer
  • Freedomtuff sealflex™ polyurea
  • Freedomtuff stonegrip™ polyurethane


The roof was hard rock concrete with several levels and transitions. The surface of the roof was prepared according to freedom specifications. The freedomtuff 6160 was applied at 5 mils and a 30 mesh sand was broadcast into the primer. Freedomtuff sealflex was sprayed at 80 mils thickness. The home had custom windows that went the full length of the home. Freedom had to create “flashing” that could be rolled and fit into a cavity of the window to provide waterproofing along the top edge of the window. Geo-fabric was used to create the flashing along the perimeter of the home. 40 mils of freedomtuff stonegrip was applied and a full broadcast of washed rounded 20 grit sand was added to provide the root barrier and safety surface.


The previous specified system required the use of “hot mop” with fabric between layers that had a sulfur smell during application. This was not desirable since there were neighbors close by. The freedomtuff guardian green system has no odor. The previous specified system had limitations to the overburden that could be used. This required the purchase of the vegetation from the same supplier. The freedomtuff guardian green system has no limitations for overburden. In addition, the guardian green system does not require termination points.

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